APP Troubleshooting & FAQs


Mobile Device Operating System Requirements

Android Version

The App requires version 5 of Lollipop or higher for all features to operate correctly.

To find out what version of Android your device is running follow these steps: 

1. Open your Phone System Settings / About Phone / Software info/Check the number under "Android Version"

iPhone ios Requirements

The App requires iOS 10 or above for all features to operate correctly.

To know what version is on your phone follow these steps: 

1. From the the Home Screen, tap Settings > General > About> Version.

The iOS 'Version' of your device will appear on this screen.

My Stamp Card doesn't seem to be scanning

The Apps Loyalty Stamp Card/s require permission to use your devices Camera in order to scan QR Codes. Ensure you have allowed access to your devices camera for the App via the Settings  page on your device.


To check camera permissions open your Phone "System Settings"

Select "Application Manager"

  1. Select the effected App
  2. Click on Permissions
  3. Turn on Camera


To check Camera permissions. Open your Phone "System Settings"

  1. Select "Privacy"
  2. Select "Camera"
  3. Allow access to the effected App

Is my App Content updating?

The App is constantly updated with day to day information and offers. For updates to occur the mobile device requires internet access.

To ensure your App is up to date:

  1. Make sure your mobile phone has internet or WiFi connection.
  2. Open the App
  3. Each time you open a App page it will look for updates on that page.
  4. Mobile Networks and WiFi signal strengths can differ between locations. If known updates aren't showing move location or try switching connection type from WiFi to the phone network or Visa Versa.
  5. NOTE: The App can work without any internet access But keep in mind  if this is the case no content will be updated.

My coupons don't seem to be displaying properly?

The Apps SMART Coupons work off your device's date and time settings to display and allow coupon redemption.

How to resolve issues:

  1. Make sure your device's Date and Time settings are correct.
  2. Open the App.
  3. Check the dates and times associated to each coupon as you might be outside the claim time period.
  4. If the Coupon is behind the Login, log out and then Log back into the App to see if your Coupon area updates.
  5. Make sure your Mobile device operating system meets the specifications stated under "Mobile Device Operating System Requirements". This is only visible on your device as it will only display the relevant platforms information i.e. if you have a Apple phone it will only display Apple specs required.

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. I played Pick a Box and only got 2 turns when I am mean't to get 3 chances.

    Answer: When playing Pick a Box, touch each box quickly and don't hold your finger down. By holding your finger down too long can action both the select and clearing of the box selected.

  2. I pressed the Pick a Box Coupon Claim button at home and when I went to collect my prize it had disappeared.

    Answer: Do Not press the 'Claim' button until instructed by staff as the coupon will be removed once claimed.

  3. I played the Scratchie game and only got 1 turn?

    Answer: When playing the Scratchie Game, you only get one chance unless otherwise stated. To view what has been scratched click the 'Game Over' panel to reveal the icons below.

Where are my coupons?

All coupons can now be found under the My Coupons page. Here you will find all your winning game coupons & Members coupons if applicable. The page will let you know what coupons are available NOW & when they will  be available.