h.i.Media for all your graphic design requirements

Over the years we have been asked a lot "Your service is great can h.i.Apps also provide us with all our internal Promotional Design & social artwork needs?" We do now!

Generate excitement

h.i.Media will provide you with a reliable company that can design & deliver all your Promotional Artwork quickly with no fuss!

Do you find organising artwork & delivery to all your different contacts a bit of a headache?

h.i.Media can now help you cater for this & more!

h.i.Media Design & Print

One Stop Design Shop


Talk to us & we will provide professionally designed artwork for any event or promotion. All the print, digital & app formats are included.

Social Platforms, POS & Media also


We also tailor the size of each design to suit all your social, website & internal media display platforms i.e. POS, Internal TVs & other Promotional Media.

Simply let us know what you need.

From Concept to Delivery


h.i.Media design & organise the distribution of all artwork to your social & website contacts.

We provide you with a one-stop design shop.

Simply let us know what you need & we do

the rest from concept to implementation.

Promote current deals


Running a weekly special? Design, Print & Delivery to your venue & various contacts is catered for. i.e. Thursday Meat Raffles, A2 & A3, Facebook, Instagram etc we take care of it.



Pricing can be offered per item or for those looking to fully utilise our Graphics team facility,

a monthly add-on to your subscription can be agreed upon based off monthly usage and requirements.

Sounds great what next?


Contact us today support@webflex.com.au or call us on 1300 765 810 to discuss everything to do with your design requirements & more!

Promote your App with h.i.Media


How do we promote our App now that it's LIVE?

 Once your App is LIVE you're right it is vitally important we promote the App to all of your patrons & beyond especially for the first few months. We find with just a little marketing help in this time period we get up to 20-30% of your patrons on to the App. To help you achieve this & move beyond we offer our services to reach as many people as we possibly can!

How... you might ask? Easy...

h.i.Media provides our clients with all the images they need to promote their NEW app on their Social & internal venue platforms. Simply let us know what you require. Keep in mind while we are building your App we will supply you with what we feel you need in the first instance to get you started.


Contact us for more information...

Call us today to talk about how we can tailor all your online, venue  & print promotional material to help you promote your App to as many of your patrons as possible!

1300 765 810